Our Story

Toublesome Productions LLC was formed by Darrell Rashad Shaw, aka Black Shawd, who is also an artist like so many out there. The company officially formed in 2014 after nearly ten years of producing and working to promote inspirational music with local artists in Atlanta, Georgia and now again in Phoenix, Arizona. Coast to coast Troublesome Productions has introduced to the world a new sound. A new sound that I, Darrell Shaw, would like to share with the world. We Believe there are artists out there that are looking for affordable quality material. Inspired by great producers such as Dr. Dre, Timberland, Mannie Fresh, etc. they always kept in competition. Our mission statement is a promise to you, the industry, to only produce quality sounds and exceptional artists. 

I started doing music at a very young age. My first performance at the age of 10 years old was where I discovered music was want I wanted to work at in life. From then on I started writing songs and by age 15 I was recording my songs in co-artists music studios. By the time I turned 18 years old, I begun producing my own professional sounding beats. In no time at all I was producing songs for multiple artist in the Atlanta area. Now I'm producing artist all over the United States and several different countries! Troublesome Productions LLC will always love to stay current, go above and beyond what the world is on. In these hard times it's about being a trend setter for positive energy and peace as well as your own individual. That's what I represent,  people who are not afraid of the ''doing me'' mentality.

As Black Shawd, I have a lot of big things that I have going on in my career right now;  major moves take off with an ''All for One Team''. I am very blessed by the people that I have in my circle, on my Team. Team Troublesome. S/O to my whole team and everyone who supports the movement. I would not be the man I am today if I didn't have the people around me to keep me grounded and motivated. My promise to the world and all who follow is to never change, stay real. So if you're here it's cause you're about change, grow, and progress. Troublesome Productions LLC is going to do the best to offer you just that transformation. Stay Tuned....